December 10, 2012

In what I can only assume is some sort of scene from a forthcoming season 3 episode of Downton Abbey that finds that most loveable class-strife cyphers in the world stumbling through a time portal into present day New York City, perhaps on some sort of mission to save Countess Cora’s American descendents from really well-dressed aliens, the cast appeared out of thin air at Columbus Circle Station, further confusing people who still think it’s called “Downtown” Abbey.

Even 100 years in the future Bates still seems super emo. Cheer up dude, people can get divorced in about as much time as it takes you to unhook the Earl’s under-tuxedo before a trip to the lavatory.  Shout out to Thomas for somehow looking evil as hell while still absolutely killing in that jacket. (PaperMag via)

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