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Tim Heidecker Answers Honest Questions About His Life, Honestly

Film & TV

Tim Heidecker Answers Honest Questions About His Life, Honestly


As the patron saint of funny-weird, Tim Heidecker has steadily pushed comedy further and further away from a punch line. As one half of the duo behind the Adult Swim classic Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, Heidecker has since branched out from his sketch comedy roots. Three of his most recent projects move even further into the realm of the comic banal, playing a milquetoast suburban dad on the HBO comedy Eastbound and Down, the host of his own cooking show specializing in dips and sauces in Tim’s Kitchen Tips, and finally, his just-released soft rock album Some Things Never Stay the Same. On the record, he and partner Davin Wood channel their pop music heroes from the ’70s and ’80s, with too much sincerity to be written off as just a parody album. To better get to know the man behind the music, we asked Heidecker some honest questions about life.

What is the most disturbing sound you’ve ever heard?
The guttural animal scream of the man who would, minutes later stab me in the back twice.

What famous person dead or living do you most wish you could have as a roommate?
Ugh. I don’t want any roommates. I’m a 37-year-old married man. Uh, St. Francis of Assisi.

What do you think about 3D movies?
I do not enjoy them.

What is your favorite driving music?
The Boss.

Describe your dream music collaboration.
A long jam with The Band, followed by a writing/recording week.

If you had to live in a past time, what do you think would be the most fun era and why?
Right here, right now, Watching the WORLD wake up from HISTORY!!!!

What’s a typical Tim Hiedecker lunch?
Lunch – Hollywood and Lunch. Lunches – Salads, no just a salad – indian food big giant plate of chicken tiki masala – Meet for lunch? yes. what’s parking like?

What activities do most enjoy doing alone?
Masturbating. Jogging.

If you couldn’t be an actor/musician are there any other professions you would like to try?
Something with goats.

How do you wind down before bed?
A book.

When are you most relaxed?
Halfway through a Ken Burns doc.

What kind of guy were you in high school?
A music/acting nerd who got famous for being a jackass on the closed circuit morning news program.

Can you tell me a quality about yourself that you are genuinely proud of?
I think I have a pretty good moral center that keeps me from being a terrible person.

Do you have any actual phobias?
Terribly afraid of heights. Any place where the potential for me to momentarily lose it and jump frightens me.

If you could make any covers album happen, who would you like to hear covering who?
I would like the Flaming Lips to do All Things Must Pass.

Which actors or artists inspire you?
I just fell in love with James Caan’s performance in The Gambler.  Albert Brooks,  Peter Cook, Warren Zevon, Randy Newman, Ray Davies…

Any good travel recommendations for some visiting L.A.?
Museum of Jurassic Technology.

What’s a serious side of you that people are unlikely to know about? Either in terms of interests, hobbies, or personality?
I write serious songs first then add the jokes later. The pre-joke songs would make you misty.

What is something about your friend and collaborator Eric Wareheim that you feel people ought to know?
He is very short.

What most bothers you about life in Los Angeles?
It’s a cliche, but the traffic. It can be really depressing. Also in the winter, the sun is low most of the day which makes me squint a lot.

What are some new hobbies you would like to take on?
My life is one big hobby. No time for anything else.

What are some of your favorite Internet “memes” of all time?

How do you hope to grow as a creative person?
I would like to be a better guitar player and write more.

If there was a phrase that you think best sums up your approach to life what might it be?
How should I know?