Tiffany & Co. Holiday Gift Guide: The Minimalist


Tiffany & Co. Holiday Gift Guide: The Minimalist


Around this time of year, it’s easy to begin drowning in the flood of holiday chaos, as to-do lists endlessly pile and all those end-of-year deadlines swiftly encroach, daunting and unavoidable. Though certain aspects of life are inevitably chaotic, you take pride in decorating your surroundings with sleek, simplicities—an aesthetic marker that’s led you to happily identify as a “Minimalist.” Your taste is rooted in the “less is more” motto, which infiltrates your home decor, Spotify playlists and especially your wardrobe.

Perhaps Donald Judd’s slimmed-down sculptures dot your entirely monochromatic living room; or maybe American composer Philip Glass’ signature stark music is your go-to soundtrack for afternoons spent reading Raymond Carver’s work and dreaming about purchasing a Colin Chapman-designed Lotus car. With careful consideration for your discerning taste, we’ve pinpointed key minimalist pieces from Tiffany & Co. to accompany your impressively strict black, white and grey uniform.



Offering unapologetically modern style, Tiffany & Co’s “Tiffany T” collection revels in the letter T’s clean, graphic form. They’ve “simplified, deconstructed, extended and sculpted” the familiar shape into “jewelry of beautiful clarity,” which inherently caters to the Minimalist’s unwavering adherence to perfection. “The letter T is sculptural and bold and very closely linked to the architecture of New York City,” said Tiffany & Co design director Francesca Amfitheatrof.

For around your neck, we recommend the Smile Pendant, designed in either 18K gold or sterling silver, both marked by graphic angles and clean lines. Save this item or drop a holiday hint


For around your wrist, we recommend the Square Bracelet, designed in 18K gold and marked by its confident sophistication. Save this item or drop a holiday hint.


For your finger, we recommend the Wire Ring, designed in 18K rose gold, white gold or yellow gold, all marked by a mutual celebration of simplicity. Save this item or drop a holiday hint.