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This Year’s Five Movies to Cry To

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This Year’s Five Movies to Cry To


I’m a pretty heartless person, so when I found myself weeping in a theatre for the fifth time this year, I figured it warranted a list. Everyone needs a good cry, and crying over the plight of fictional characters totally beats crying about how shitty your own life is (unfortunately that sentiment does not apply to the documentary on this list). Yes, 2015 is not yet over, but here are the five films from the year thus far that are sure to bring you tears, even if you’re a robot who wasn’t programmed to feel.

The End of the Tour

Even if you’re not a David Foster Wallace fan (which, unfortunately, isn’t a very “cool” thing to be these days. Why must bros co-opt and ruin everything?) this movie will bum you out. As most literate humans know, Foster Wallace wrote what was deemed by the powers at be the “best book of our generation” and went on to commit suicide. The impending sense of doom sets the stage for waterworks, and the masterful use of one very emotional Brian Eno song shoves you over the edge. Strangely enough, the very same song is used in another film on this list. Maybe I’ll embed it later, I haven’t decided yet.


There are only two types of people in this world: people who admit to having cried in Amy and dirty fucking liars.

Paper Towns

Okay now don’t laugh, but I totally cried in Paper Towns, and I didn’t even cry in The Fault in Our Stars, which, if you haven’t seen it, had not one but two adolescents dying of cancer. Now I don’t think this one will get everyone going, but if you yearn for your “glory years,” you’re likely to shed a few tears. This film really captures that naive high school mentality where everything that happens is super, super important. You know, before the real world hardens you into a jaded, apathetic asshole. Plus as adults you know that the besties onscreen will be Facebook friends at best like two months after they head off to college, and what’s sadder or more pathetic than that?

James White

This movie isn’t out until November, but trust me, it’s really fucking sad. It kicks off with a funeral and Cynthia Nixon has stage four cancer the entire goddamn time. And if that weren’t enough, it’s based loosely on the personal experience of writer/director Josh Mond, who lost his mom to cancer a few years ago. You’re going to wish you didn’t know that when you saw the movie, because it makes it a billion times more heartbreaking. In fact, I’m going to go ahead and say this is the saddest movie of the year. Here’s the trailer, which is also v sad.

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

The title is a dead giveaway (haha, “dead” giveaway), but this movie is an even bigger sob fest than its name lets on. Yes, one of its title characters is dying of cancer, but she’s also dying of cancer to the tone of the Brian Eno song. It’s a nightmare. Bring kleenex. But what’s surprising about this movie is that in addition to being super sad, it’s also LOL funny. It’s an emotional rollercoaster that I highly recommend. I’m going to go ahead and close with the Brian Eno song, because if you’ve seen this film you might even cry as you listen to it and also who are we kidding, I was always going to include the song.