July 1, 2013

Three women from Omaha bum-rushed the field at the College World Series of baseball, because, well, who knows why. Attention probably. Why else would anyone do anything these days?  Play baseball. Go to a baseball game. Work security at a baseball game. Take photos of a baseball game. Read the internet looking for things to post about. Find this post. Write about it here. Upload the pictures. Press publish on Word Press. Share it on social media. Breathe oxygen. Break it down into the essential molecules that are necessary for the body to function. The whole thing.

Any-what, turns out they got it, as this Vine taken by the one named Kayleigh, which, of course she’s named Kayleigh, has gone viral around the web. (Images from Larry Brown Sports via Buzzfeed).

Taking a selfie while rushing the field at a baseball game is the most perfect distillation of the contemporary youth moment ever. How long you figure before we’re taking selfies while lowering ourselves into polar bear pits for laughs?


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