This Darren Rovell Gag Is What It’s Like to Try to Talk to Most Dudes On Tinder


This Darren Rovell Gag Is What It’s Like to Try to Talk to Most Dudes On Tinder


Normally I think the trope of playing wacky games on Tinder for the sole purpose of grinding content out of it for a blog post is hacky and unfunny, but this latest offering, Hitting on Tinder Girls Using Only Word-For-Word Darren Rovell Tweets, is both funny and sort of telling.

Rovell, in case you’re blissfully unfamiliar, is an automated brand-bot pieced together from spare parts from the animated robot that dances on Fox NFL broadcasts. Here are a couple of quick primers from Deadspin that will fill in the rest: These Emails Confirm That ESPN’s Darren Rovell Is A Sensitive Penis. Why People Hate Darren Rovell.

Let’s take a look at a few:




What struck me about a lot of these was how they showed just how game and willing to play along with inanity from a dude women can sometimes be. Not only did they seem unfazed by random nonsense from a dude, but a lot of them just rolled with it and tried to spin the weird opening salvo into banter.


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Others simply responded, as you might expect, with indifference.




That’s mostly because, wacky conceit aside, this isn’t really all that out of line from what a normal conversation with any given man is actually like. Random sports-based rantings, opinionated fast food nonsense, trivialities disguised as philosophy. We sneer at Rovell, call him a douche, and a brand-shill, but isn’t that what being a modern man is about? You can’t pretend to be Darren Rovell on Tinder, because all men are Rovell.