Some Things You Could Do With This $200 Raf Simons Duct Tape


Some Things You Could Do With This $200 Raf Simons Duct Tape


In what may or may not be an effort to one-up Balenciaga in terms of mundane branded items, Raf Simons is selling duct tape. You may recognize the tape from the runway earlier this year, where it was used to cinch coats closed. Featuring the slogans “RSYP YOUTH PROJECT” and “WALK WITH ME,” the tape sells for a cool $200. Here are some other ways one could use this very fashionable tape.

Silence haters in style. 

These days, there are no shortage of stupid people saying stupid things. Shut those folks up in style by slapping some fancy tape on their stupid mouths.

Make a duct tape wallet.

Remember those? Okay this suggestion isn’t a joke, a duct tape wallet made out of Raf duct tape would actually be pretty dope.

Elevate your dad’s DIY projects.

With their ill-fitting jeans and dorky sneakers, dads are already very on-trend, but adding a touch of Raf to their home improvement projects will take dads to the next level.

Fix your shoes. 

While fixing your worn out shoes with regular duct tape is “frowned upon,” fixing shoes with Raf duct tape is totally acceptable.

Differentiate your luggage.

Also not a joke. A strip of Raf tape jazzes up your luggage and makes it easier to spot at baggage claim. However, the possible downside is that fashion-savvy thieves will know you spent $200 on duct tape.

Play Edward 40 Hands. 

In case you didn’t go to college, Edward 40 Hands is when you duct tape a 40 of liquor (your choice) to your hand. The bottle must remain attached to your hand until you finish it. Drinking until you vomit is way more fashionable when Raf duct tape is involved.

Do this.

If you’re now convinced you need this duct tape, you can purchase it here.