January 23, 2013

Modern moviemaking isn’t exactly rocket science, is it? It’s barely even moviemaking anymore  (via imaginative scripts, original ideas &c). Considering we’ve seen movies cobbled-together out of much, much flimsier premises (Battleship anyone? No, seriously, did anyone see that? Who won?), an internet meme doesn’t seem all that crazy a source. That’s particularly true when the meme in question is one as evocative as this image by artist Alex Panagopoulos. Newline, as The Hollywood Reporter writes, has optioned the drawing, a motivational poster-style concept, and is in talks with Dwayne Johnson and the team behind his weird-that-was-a-hit? film Journey 2: The Mysterious Island to get on board.

No word if Johnson is set to play the teddy bear, the monster, or the sleeping little girl as of yet. Maybe the wooden sword? Or more likely it’s some to-be-determined secondary character, a bumbling, but good-hearted father, say, who is skeptical about the existence of monsters at first, but learns a lesson about the magic of innocence and faith, and definitely bumps his head comically on the bed while looking under it for monsters at his daughter’s request a minimum of four times throughout the film.

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