These 10 Tracks Are the Real Contenders For ‘Song of the Summer’


These 10 Tracks Are the Real Contenders For ‘Song of the Summer’


Every year around this time, a national debate begins to unfold: What is the Song of the Summer? The candidates are usually bouncy, fun tracks with incredibly sticky hooks. They’re mostly chart toppers on heavy radio rotation. But is Ariana Grande’s “Problem” really the tune you want scoring the best months of the year? No, no it is not. The following ten tracks, however, are.

“Can’t Do Without You” by Caribou
The soundtrack to your summer fling. When they dump you in September, send them this song. If they don’t come sprinting back, it was doomed from the start.

“Wasted Youth” by Cardiknox
So self-explanatory I’m not ever going to bother introducing it. Five seconds in, you’ll be convinced.

“Cut Your Teeth” by Kyla la Grange, Kygo remix
This track from Kyla la Grange, and the accompanying, vastly improved remix, came out in January, but there’s something about it that screams summer. We could, and probably will be, listening to that looping synth riff at every party we go to for the next couple months.

“My Love” by Route 94 ft. Jess Glynne
This twinkling deep house cut has been a jam in the UK for a few months, where producer Route 94 hails from, but it’s about time American DJs add this to their iTunes playlists. Just look at the video: everyone in that club is about to spontaneously combust.

“On My Own in Hua Hin” by TĀLĀ
TALA is singer and producer from South London who’s only put out a few songs so far. They’re all great, but this is the only one that makes us want go hang glide off a mountain in Rio with a Go Pro attached to our helmet, just so we could upload the video to Youtube and use this as the soundtrack. 

“Fear of Love” by Noosa
Any old song of the summer will make you want to dance, but it’s the rarer one still that makes you want to dance and cry at the same time.

“Take It to the Hoop” by The Derevolutions
Good luck finding a funner slice of summer fun than this blend of hop-scotch-wave soul pop. If it’s not in a 100 commercials selling us the idea of fun sometime soon then the marketers aren’t doing their job.

“Be Mean” by Tweens
The best songs of the summer can be easily transplanted from the beach to a sweaty, urban shit hole club. This fuzzy punk gem is for the summer kids who don’t take their boots off no matter how hot it gets.

“Lost You” by Zeds Dead ft. Twin Shadow and D’Angelo Lacy
Rooftop. Tall boys. Smokes. Now.

“Quitting” by Donovan Wolfington
What, you wanted only cheesy pop songs for your song of the summer contenders? This is the scorching, shouted punk anthem that anyone who spends the summer wishing they could quit their job needs.