There’s a Bon Iver Shoe Now!

Everyone knows about Justin Vernon of Bon Iver‘s beard; it may be the most precious collection of sensitive, but reassuringly masculine whiskers in all of indie music. And his rangy and imposing but non-threatening frame? We’re also well acquainted with that. The delicately strumming fingers, too. But what about his feet? Why so little mention of the feet? It’s hard not to feel that the anchor at the base of this quiet storm of gently-strummed manhood has been sorely overlooked in all of the recent press attention.

Well that’s all changing, as the shoe-makers Keep, who we all definitely knew existed before a minute ago, have announced the limited edition Bon Iver shoe. “Designed by Justin Vernon and using our trademark Ramos silhouette, the Keep + Bon Iver shoe features herringbone accents, a black fishbone detail across the toe, and a canvas upper custom dyed to a perfect pale salmon.” That perfect pale salmon, by the way, is well suited for color coordination with the audiences at the band’s shows.

What’s the old saying? Oh yeah. “Walk a mile in a man’s shoes and you teach him to fish for a day, but walk to the sold out Bon Iver concert in fish-colored shoes and you teach an indie rocker to take Instagram pictures of his feet forever.”