‘The Twins’ Bring Blogging to New Galaxy with ‘iL GeMiNi’


‘The Twins’ Bring Blogging to New Galaxy with ‘iL GeMiNi’

(Faustina) Dress: Harbison, (Johnny) Top: Harbison, Pants: CHARLES YOUSSEF

Photography: Samantha Nandez
Styling: Faustina Rose
Makeup: David Razzano
Hair: Isaac Davidson (Wilhelmina)
Nails: Elissa Schell

To paint the setting for this interview, you must travel over the moon and through the stars, past the planets and atop the galaxy. There, you will find Faustina Rose and Johnny Cassanova, sitting in the back of a cafe near Bryant Park. Past the sound of clacking forks and and mundane white walls, you will find the twins. Brushing each others hair, while gnawing on laced kale chips, they are discussing their new endeavor: blogging. Combining their vision and similar taste in food, they created “iL GeMiNi,” a fashion and beauty blog driven by fantasy and witty humor.

Johnny Interviews Faustina:


(Faustina) Dress: Costello Tagliapietra, (Johnny) Sweater: CHARLES YOUSSEF, Coat: Harbison

Johnny Cassanova: “Coming from Mars, why did you move to New York?”

Faustina Rose: “I came to New York because although red is my favorite color, it is really hard on your brain and it crushed my creativity. Earth has much cooler blue and green tones and that strokes my creativity and fantasies properly.”

JC: “What is your greatest fantasy?”

FR: “My greatest fantasy is riding a flying horse in a couture gown with a two-foot tall hat. We fly all over the world together.”

JC: “Why are the posts on ‘iL GeMiNi’ so heavily focused on fantasy?”

FR: “Reality is so dull sometimes. Who wants to research or write documentary style? I don’t want to research.”

JC: “So lie?”

FR: “No, embellish—like a sweater.”

JC: “Always embellishing the truth takes a creative mind. Have you always lived in a fantasy world?”

FR: “I have always been an intense daydreamer, especially when I’m not amused. I would daydream so intensely as a child that I didn’t hear my name if anyone called out to me. It’s just so much better to live in the stars rather than live in reality. It definitely affected my learning in school—I am surprised I know how to read or write.”

JC: “Being someone who didn’t pay attention in school, how did you handle creating a platform so heavily focused on writing?”

FR: “Writing is something so new to me. I missed a lot of school during the age when everyone learned how to read and write. I also never knew I could write because I never applied myself when it came to writing. You actually pushed me to write and learn how to form things properly. When I started to apply myself, I realized I could actually write really well and describe what I see.”


(Faustina) Dress: GEORGINE, (Johnny) Top: Costello Tagliapietra

JC: “Now that you have applied yourself to create a full-site of written content, what are you looking to accomplish by creating ‘iL GeMiNi?’”

FR: “I’m looking to create something totally separated from blogging. I want to showcase that there is way more to blogging than walking down a street in an outfit. I want to produce a platform that shows we can be involved in all creative processes. I’m going blow everyone out of this planet.”

JC: “Why did you choose to blow everyone out of the planet with me?”

FR: “I didn’t choose you, the universe did. I did this with you because I knew we could create something no one had ever seen before. With our talent combined, I knew we could only grow to be better. After hearing for a whole year that we should partner up outside of being editors, it finally clicked.”

JC:  “What brings the shift from editor to blogger?”

FR: “I feel my editor position was my internship. I’m not just my brain, but I am also my image. No one I styled wore clothing the way I would or loved them as much as I do. I have a personal connection with clothing and accessories. I want to create a world for these pieces to live in where they are appreciated. I have a hard time believing that anyone loves fashion as much as I do. It is my life, my world and who I am. Without it, I would be nothing. And with that being said, I am in my natural environment blogging.”

Faustina Interviews Johnny: 


(Faustina) Bodysuit: Cheng, Boots: RA-Oficina Creativa

FR: “Although you were born on Pluto, what planet do you feel you fit in most?”

JC: “That’s actually why I left Pluto. I fit in too much on Pluto. If you’re constantly living in a place where you fit in, you will never feel the need to change or the need to grow. It’s like everyone back on Pluto is still wearing 15 layers of coats and ice fishing.”

FR: “When you were born on Pluto, what were your first words?”

JC: “Fuck off.”

FR: “That’s harsh.”

JC: “Oh, it’s all in good fun.”

FR: “That brings me to your humor. All the posts on ‘iL GeMiNi’ are based upon fantasy or your humor. Why did you choose this?”

JC: “Since I was a young boy, I always escaped my reality through some form of art or humorous stories. I enjoyed things that took you to another world like Mozart’s ‘The Magic Flute’ (German translation: Die Zauberflöte). Although Earth is an exciting place, life is much more thrilling when it is exaggerated and made into a joke.”

FR: “What are you hoping to create with ‘iL GeMiNi’ from these posts?”

JC: “I’d like to establish a space for people to escape their reality—something I always longed for. I can’t do what other blogs are doing; this is the only way I know how to make my work interesting.”

FR: “What separates you from other bloggers?”

JC: “I’m not trying to sell a product to someone; I am trying to sell a vision, or rather a ticket to another planet. I don’t feel that anything about this blog is traditional.:

FR: “Why the title ‘iL GeMiNi?’”

JC: “‘iL GeMiNi’found its name because it is a reference to the nature of the twins—a play on both sides of the spectrum. Where there’s fashion, there’s always beauty. Where there is male, there must be female. In order to understand black, you must understand white. To have reality, you must have a concept of fantasy.”


(Faustina) Top: GEORGINE, (Johnny) Top: TiA CiBANi

FR: “What is your desire for the world?”

JC: “I want to live in a world where we haven’t given up on beauty. I’d rather the world live its history through beautiful, surrealistic moments than comfortable living.”

FR: “Do you believe that comfortable living is lacking in beauty or comfort in knowing your beauty?”

JC: “I believe comfortable living and beauty rarely meet. Any individual I’ve experienced who has lived a comfortable life often have no grand expression of beauty— they have never felt a sense of pain or lust for something more because they have always been comfortably satisfied. I don’t ever want to feel comfortably satisfied.”

FR: “Do you find your sense of beauty comes from pain and lust?”

JC: “Yes, of course. Pain is the feeling we are most afraid of and lust is the feeling of desiring the most pleasurable moment in the world. Living in both of those places—pain and lust—helps me understand extreme forms of beauty.”

FR:  “How do you plan on incorporating pain and lust through ‘iL GeMiNi’ and our growth?”

JC: “If you read my fantasies, I tend to draw from humorous or painfully heart breaking experiences. I incorporate my pain as a lover and sexual being to tell both my darker and funnier stories. If you can’t joke about your pain, you’re not having any fun. I think people can relate to that, wanting to laugh about their painful experiences. Hopefully, it will help readers feel connected to the work on ‘iL GeMiNi’ and eventually grow a community of heart-broken weirdos who are always laughing.”