January 2, 2013

I’ve taken a sober and reflective listen to all of the music I liked from over the course of 2013 and narrowed down the top song of the year to this track “I Got A Boy” from South Korean K-poppers Girls’ Generation. Granted, it’s the only song I could find that came out so far this year, but I’m comfortable just phoning this one in and taking the rest of the year off. What’re the odds anyone’s going to release anything good in the next 363 days anyway? Making things a lot easier is the fact that this song, which somehow cranked out another couple million views since I first watched it last night, is basically 15 different songs all in one, which is nothing compared to the 20 different videos that seem to be going on at once here.

That’s the burden of genius sometimes, you see? You have so many ideas you just need to get them all out at once, things get all jumbled up in your brain and the words don’t come out no good. Also the burden of stimulus-overloaded kids overdosing on a torrent of fluorescence; maybe they shoud’ve called the group ADD Generation?

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