February 11, 2013

Apparently cognizant of how her last performance as a supporting audience member was received at the Golden Globes, professional love troll Taylor Swift pulled her effing shit together at the Grammys last night, and had a goddamn good time whether she liked it or not, dancing and singing along to literally every last thing that happened over the course of the ceremony. You could practically see the Borgesian miniature clockwork brain apparati whirring and steaming inside her brain-carapace: “Project enjoyment, curl lip upward, brighten eyes.”

Gifs via Taste of Country.


Here she is during Bruno Mars’ performance of “Locked Out of Heaven” that one song that sounds like a Sting song that he performed with Sting, a much better sport than we would have been vis a vis royalties/ball kicking. See? Fun Taylor! Exuberant Taylor. This is the Taylor America wants, bb. No. This is the Taylor America needs.


Her reactions during the In Memoriam segment was a little bit much, but alright, at least she was trying to support the proud legacy of recorded music or whatever.

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