December 7, 2012

The fashion calendar has gotten so far ahead of itself that it’s on time again—Pre-Fall looks are perfectly suited to the current weather, at least in this corner of the world. In the days of our shortest days, we welcome the instant inspo. Here are some of our favorite collections so far from this in-between season.

Lagerfeld knows how to cut cloth, and has set the pace for all the other designers to keep up with. If Malcolm Gladwell’s “10,000 hour rule”  is true, then Lagerfeld—at 77 and starting in fashion at 22, designing 4-14 runway collections a year for the last 30 years (quick math…)—can’t not be a master of his trade. “Dressed to Kilt,” this Pre-Fall was phenomenally put together, a gesture to Coco’s days with the Duke of Westminster. Nice to see Karl’s golden boy Brad Kroenig catwalk with his pup Hudson through Linlithgow Palace, where, centuries ago, Mary Queen of Scots was born.

3.1 Phillip Lim
I wish that Balenciaga Did It First tumblr was still in action because Phillip Lim’s Pre-Fall fabrications could be added to the roll. Whenever I adore a collection right from the go, I know it’s because of Nicolas Ghesquière. I don’t mind—this is not a criticism, I’ll take Nicolas trickled everywhere. 3.1 Phillip Lim was eclectic but polished, loafers and heels, patterns and plains, suits and dresses, complete.

Alexander Wang
Wang’s corpse bride signifies the death of an industry! Unlike some people I know, I refuse to take fashion seriously enough to be bothered by Wang’s appointment at Balenciaga. In fact, I think it’ll be great fun. Every generation gets the designer it deserves. The make-up was ghoulish, the garments simple and market-ready, the shoes perfect, Alexander Wang Pre-Fall 2013 is what it is.

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