February 11, 2013

God bless Ben Gibbard, because even though he’s spent the last decade being mercilessly rocked by rude dudes like yours truly for wearing a heart bloodier than Belle and Sebastian on his sleeve at all possible times, he’s remained deeply true to himself. Case in point: The newest song by the reunited Postal Service, which is called “A Tattered Line of String”—an oh-so precious title you might joke about being the name of the new Postal Service song, like “A Cat Who Could Not Meow” or “Wicker Basket Full of Fluf,” except it’s actually real. Regardless of anyone’s snarky styling on Gibbard’s delicate sensibilities, it sounds like a winning return to form for the band’s glitchy, feather-light affectations, filled with breathlessly romantic lyrics about kissing and being unable to resist said kissing. It’ll appear on the 10th anniversary deluxe reissue of Give Up, which is out on April 9.

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