March 28, 2013

Nick Cave isn’t a very common name, so it’s only natural to assume that the Nick Cave we know is the only Nick Cave worth paying attention to. But there are two famous Nick Caves: the Australian-born musician behind swaggering gems like “No Pussy Blues,” and the American-born performance artist who just launched an exhibit at Grand Central Station. In the rush to cover the latter, famous British music publication the NME made an understandable but still amusing boner: They wrote a very detailed and completely inaccurate story about the exhibit as though Nick Cave the musician was responsible. It’s a lot of work for one guy, playing three shows in Manhattan while also curating a massive art public project. You’d think there were two of them, ha ha ha. The original story has been taken off the NME’s website but there are screenshots, of course.

(Hat tip to Flavorwire’s Tom Hawking for pointing this one out.)


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