October 10, 2013
Kanye will have a lot more free time if he stops talking about how underappreciated he is.
Kanye will have a lot more free time if he stops talking about how underappreciated he is.

Okay so first of all, as he stated himself via last night’s anticipated interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Kanye West is a creative genius. The man hasn’t really had a miss since “Through The Wire” dropped, and in addition, he has branched out into fashion and other various creative avenues with aplomb.

As a content miner, it’s easy to become a professional hater because that’s what people click on, and unfortunately that informs the tone of a lot of today’s media, even when we all know that it completely reinforces the vastness of our society’s gaping inner void with its crushing consumerism and lack of emphasis on humanity. But the bottom line is that Kanye is getting his, and the more we talk about it, the more of it he gets.

You can read about Kanye’s CRUHH-AAAAZY RANT in all kinds of places and it’s #TIYAD as far as I’m concerned, so here are some links (here, here,and here; is that enough for you vultures?!) about a show built around sensationalizing some minor blip in adult communication that REALLY DOESN’T MATTER IN THE GRAND SCHEME OF THINGS. IMO, Yeezy was cogent and had many completely valid things to say, even in the face of Kimmel’s schmaltzy schtick. Ironically, earlier parts of the interview look a lot like the sketch that got the two feuding in the first place.

The problem with Kanye is not that people can’t take him seriously, but that he can’t take the people that take him seriously seriously. Sure, everyone is going to bandy around criticism of his recent album or whatever project he’s working on; unfortunately most of us can’t escape his work because he is so popular, and I would think the millions upon millions of dollars he’s made might be an indicator that he isn’t as misunderstood as he claims to be. Kanye  has every right to keep reaching onwards towards the stars in spite of all that he’s already achieved, but at some point he should realize that universal validation for anyone creating worthwhile art is an ephemeral pipe dream, and learn to enjoy the buzz of opposing reactions that ultimately fuels his fire.

In Kanye’s world, Kim Kardashian would have a star on the Hollywood walk of fame for S’ing a D and being on a reality show, and he would be the new Riccardo Tisci because he wears expensive clothes and has millions of fans. And it is Kanye’s world, because he is living his dream and not even the saltiest hater can deny that, despite some criticisms of West (or anyone alive) being potentially valid. However, waxing philosophical on celebrity “zoo animal” culture when you’re married to a reality star seems petty, and wanting accolades in every discipline of the arts within instants of taking an interest is equally delusional and strange. Either way, Kanye is on top, Kimmel is obnoxious, and I need to go to do something with my life, so let’s wrap this up with some video of last night’s appearance and call it a day, shall we?

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