The First in Our New “TEEN BO$$” Series: 17-Year-Old Graphic Artist Clayborne Bujorian


The First in Our New “TEEN BO$$” Series: 17-Year-Old Graphic Artist Clayborne Bujorian

Discombobulated by Clayborne Bujorian, aka Yung Edward Hopper.
Composite by Clayborne Bujorian.
Composite By Clayborne Bujorian.
"Ghillie'd". Composite by Clayborne Bujorian.

When I exposed Cat Marnell’s shenanigans in regards to her (now ex-) TEEN PUBLICIST, who is in fact an intelligent and capable writer himself, my intention was less to provide more additional attention to Marnell and more to showcase Alex Kazemi’s depth and sensitivity. I live and die for this sort of thing—giving hungry, lesser-known artists some support or platform. In the spirit of TEEN ingenues everywhere, I am starting TEEN BO$$, a feature in which I will regularly showcase up-and-coming talents who are under-21 and already working their way in behind the scenes, be it in art, music or any other manifestation of consciousness. Please feel free to submit yourself, your work, or your friend(s)s using the instructions below our first edition.

Funny enough, graphic artist Clayborne Bujorian first caught my eye thanks to another future TEEN BO$$ who I will credit down the road, rather than spoil the surprise. His tumblr, a witty and often #relevant trip through fashion hype, glitch art, and street culture, is a series of minimalist collages that has developed into his signature style, which he calls discombobulation. Bujorian, who uses online editing software and not “Adobe Photoshop or anything cool like that,” layers images within images, creating a 2-dimensional infinity mirror that forces you to regard for a moment the many illusions reflected within it. He recently became official when he created the art for Gilbere Forte’s Pray, and his style seems to be evolving relatively quickly. I have no doubt that longevity is in Bujorian’s future, and should a mysterious benefactor care to gift him with CS6, his contact can be found here. Read my Skype Q&A with him below:

Did you form your signature “discombobulation” style in your mind or via the software, i.e. which came first? The idea or the impulse?
It came to my mind first. To discombobulate means to confuse or disconcert someone. The “discombobulating” did not come about until later in my journey on the Internet.

Speaking of the Internet, I’m of the oh-so-lucky generation that has lived both pre- and post- internet mania. You’re not. What is it like growing up in the Internet age? How does it inform your work and your M.O.?
Growing up in the Internet age is weird, fun, depressing, and “cool” at the same time. The possibilites are endless. The strangers you meet are interesting. I’ve noticed you can only rely on a handful of people. Since there’s a lot of people emerging due to their presence on the Internet, everybody is trying to “work” or “collaborate” with everybody. Sometimes the finished product or the “collaboration” seems to only benefit 1 of the 2 workers, or the business side-of-things is lop-sided.

Very much a reflection of real life. Haha.

Especially being young (or female LOL). Do the people you work/collaborate/interact with know your age? Do you feel you’re treated a certain way because of that?
The people I have worked with and really created a relationship with understand that I am still a high school student, still trying to graduate on-time. They know that I enjoy having fun with my work.

People your age often (intentionally or unintentionally) can come off as very thirsty when it comes to other artists/people approaching them. There is something tentative about the way you interact, on the contrary. Can you speak on that?
At times, I overthink or second guess myself, as everyone does. I have not perfected my craft.

What aspects of culture and/or humanity inspire you on a base level?
I’m inspired by the good in people.

That’s unique. I think there’s a certain nihilism that informs a lot of art, my own included.
It’s safe to say I am skeptical of everything. I’m not the most religious person. Life has its meaning, whether you like or not. Meaning(s).

Meaning(s) like what?
There’s a reason why people live a certain way, whether it be how they were brought up in the world, or why they act the way they act. Life can be fun, and it can be miserable. It all depends how you spend each day.

Do you have any advice for other young talents looking to establish themselves in an increasingly saturated art market?
My only advice for “The Youth” is to surpass the struggles of each day.

Last question, for the ladies. Relationship status: single, in a relationship, or its complicated?
Single, and it’s complicated.

It’s always complicated.

TEEN BO$$ Submission Instructions: If you’d like to see your own or your friends’ work featured here, and you’re between 15 and 20 years of age, please e-mail your submissions to headofstate at lilgovernment dot com with the subject line TEEN BO$$, and include both a brief hello/about you, links to examples of your work, and your twitter handle if you have one. For now, I’ll trust your judgment on subject matter, but anything inappropriate for a minor to share, such as drug use or nudity, will be disregarded or deleted immediately.