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The Best Parts of the Insane-Sounding ‘Great Gatsby’ Soundtrack

Film & TV

The Best Parts of the Insane-Sounding ‘Great Gatsby’ Soundtrack


The Great Gatsby is going to be a hot mess for one obvious reason: Originally slated to come out on Christmas 2012 in the thicket of Oscar competition, it was then pushed back to the summer of 2013 in a classic “uh oh, this movie might be kind of terrible so we need to make it seem more ostentatiously entertaining than actually good.” The trailers, which betray Baz Luhrmann’s gaudy, colorful approach to period pieces rather than the muted tones of Fitzgerald’s orignal book, don’t exactly look great so much as, again, a hot mess. But that’s okay, because there’s a soundtrack that should rate as fascinating since it’s curated by Jay-Z and is sort of a souped up, mainstream version of those Twilight soundtracks that compiled the best and brightest of the indie world. Here, Jay calls upon himself, his wife, and the happy couple’s friends to slink their way through songs new and old. The track list looks promising in a way that the movie might not, but here are some of the songs that particularly caught our interest.

01 Jay-Z: “100$ Bill”

The $ sign comes after the 100, not before it. Playing around with conventional capitalist symbology? Yeah, this one’s about the Illuminati.

02 Beyoncé and André 3000: Back to Black”

Bey and ‘dre covered the departed Amy Winehouse’s signature song? Seems like a good shot to rocket up the Hot 100.

03 “Bang Bang”
04 Fergie, Q-Tip and GoonRock: “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got)”
05 Lana Del Rey: “Young and Beautiful”

100 monkeys with 100 typewriters for 100 years couldn’t have produced a title as specifically explanatory of Lana’s ethos as “Young and Beautiful,” which might’ve been ripped right from the T-shirt of any drug-addled teenaged dubstep fan. Of course, the snippet in the trailer below previews something sadder and slower than what might’ve been in brattier hands—a perfect choice for Lana. Golf clap to whoever suggested something this simple. “Trust me, it says it all,” said the producer as he dumped the salt shaker of cocaine over his right hand.

06 Bryan Ferry Woth the Bryan Ferry Orchestra: “Love Is the Drug”
07 Florence and the Machine: “Over the Love”

A new Florence and the Machine song, so you’ll probably want to listen to this.

08 Coco O of Quadron: “Where The Wind Blows”
09 Emeli Sandé and the Bryan Ferry Orchestra: “Crazy in Love”

Best song of the album, bar none: Bryan Ferry covering Beyonce, which is a bit of Bey overload but who doesn’t want to hear how Ferry applies his sonic flurries?

10 The xx: “Together”

The “serious” song on the album, following in the XX’s recent trend of giving all their songs a one-word title. Boring? Nope! Heartfelt.

11 Gotye: “Hearts a Mess”
12 Jack White: “Love Is Blindness”
13 Nero: “Into the Past”
14 Sia: “Kill and Run”

If we’re lucky, an update of Liz Phair’s “Fuck and Run.”

You can hear some of the songs in a new trailer, too.