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The 8 Best Reactions to the MTV VMAs In .JPEG Form

Film & TV

The 8 Best Reactions to the MTV VMAs In .JPEG Form


The MTV VMAs were the talk of the internet last night, and according to multiple, unironic reports from various adult human beings watching ironically, they were “lame tho.” That didn’t stop the laughs from flowing out of the internet comedy spigot known as Twitter. Here are a few of our favorite reactions, compiled here, from real life internet users like you.

Lady Gaga shocked the audience with her artsy brand of posterior-based pontificating.


Will Smith and family were bout it:


It was Miley’s twerkilicious twerkfest that stole the show, however, and set everyone running to their devices, (tablets, iPads, laptops, desktop computers, Kindles, and so on), to weigh in on the relative merits of the amount of flesh on her bum bum and the direction in which it was typically pointed during the telecast. People were all:


Meanwhile, ya boy J Timbo, aka Juicy Timberlimbs, aka Jay Tea, aka Tony Tapdance, was busy running through his entire catalog of hits, including a reunion with the one and only ‘N Sync. People in the crowd be like:


NBD. A little bit later, Kanye danced in front of the bleakest Sears family photo shoot backdrop you’ve ever seen, showing why he’s still the number 1 rap game rap guy in the rap game game. My man was straight up:


Killed it. Would’ve been hard to top, but Drake came out swinging. Son was all:


Fucking mint. T Swizzle, aka T Swift, aka Tay Tay, aka Taylor Swift, was up to her old tricks in the crowd all night too. Check out this reaction shot of her when 1D aka WonDurr, aka One Directionals were on stage.


Classic. The only thing that could top all of that was that insane Breaking Bad episode. OH SHIT JESSE SON.