Designer Telfar Clemens Answers 24 Questions About His Life


Designer Telfar Clemens Answers 24 Questions About His Life


We’ve written about Telfar Clemens a couple of times here at BULLETT but it’s only because we love his work. With his trailblazing brand TELFAR, Clemens has tried—and succeeded—to widen a the gap between his work and that of his peers. First, with his  ‘Quilted/Comfort’ concept collection that let regular people have a hand in his creations, and then with MAINSTREAM:FLUID, one of the only fashion films we can recall that wasn’t a chore to watch. So who is the man behind the brand? What scares him? How does he unwind? What does he do when he’s alone? The answers to these questions and more, below.

Where do you live?
Lefrak City, Corona N.Y.

Where do you hope to be professionally in 5 years?
I hope to be a world class designer of all things.

What are you most proud of in your career so far?
I’m very proud of all of my collections and new ways I’ve expanded the presentation aspect of each collection. I’m in love with my video work.

What famous person dead or living do you wish you had as a roommate?
YIKES. Kind of hate the roommate thing. Nothing tops family or a best friend.

What’s your favorite driving music?
I like whatever the radio decides. I love HOT97’s new at 2pm.

Whose career would you most like to emulate?
That’s hard. I have very specific carreer goals and they go along with my way of living my life. I kind of only want to emulate what my hopes are for in the future.

If you had to live in the past, what era do you think would be the most fun?
I’m really into right now personally, and the eras I’ve lived in. I feel as the world grows older it grows better so I’m not sure any one period would be funner than the next.

What activities do you like doing alone?
Drawing and napping.

How do you wind down before bed?
Reality TV overload.

What kind of person where you in high school?
The same person I am now. I’ve always been really independent.

If you could throw a party at any venue in the world, where would that be?
I would want to throw a party in Monrovia, the capital of my home country Liberia, in West Africa. I want to do this in 2014.

Do you have any phobias?
Yes. I’m terrified of balloons. They are so unpredictable.

Which artists inspire you?
I’m really inspired by my peers and friends,  a lot of whom I collaborate with in my own work.

What is a serious side of you that people are unlikely to know about?either in terms of interest hobbies or personality?
I’m not much of a serious person, but I take my business seriously. I have a business degree.

What are some new hobbies you would like to take on?
I wish I had time to take on a hobby, but if it was at all possible to have time my hobby would be sleeping more than I already sleep. Extreme sleep.

If you had to make me laugh with one Youtube video, what would it be?
My video lookbook ‘Mainstream Fluid.’ The smiles still make me smile. They are contagious.

What’s your greatest professional fear?
I think like everyone, failure or loss.

Besides your own, what’s the best logo in fashion?
I love Nike.

If there was a pharse that sums up your approach to life, what might it be?
‘We will see.’

What movie defined your childhood?
Lady & the Tramp.

What website would you be embarrassed that other people knew you checked?
I pretty much get all my news from and Dlisted, so I’m not sure. Lol.

What would be your death row meal?
Kill me before the meal?

If you could invent an app what would it do?
I’ve already invented an app called TELFARstyle, where you can style my AW13 collection. We used this to style my runway show for AW13.

What’s the most uncomfortable you’ve felt at a party?
I’m usually really comfortable at any party I attend, unless it’s too crowded or there is nothing to drink. Then I usually keep it moving.