November 30, 2012

I already did all the gushing I could possibly manage when Tegan and Sara released the track “Closer” online in September, asking “Do you want to be reminded of the good parts of love? The bad? Do you want to be happy? Sad? Do you want to think? Not think? Do you mostly wish that Canadian synth-pop duo Tegan and Sara were singing this song about you? “All I’m thinking lately, is how to get you underneath me.”  How about all of those things at once? Are you hungry? Maybe this song could stop off and pick something up on its way home. Take off your shoes you look like you need to relax. Now put them back on because we’re going on an adventure! Long story short, this is the best song of the early music season.”

Sometimes music writers get a little ahead of ourselves on that whole hyperbole thing, because it’s a lot easier to say something is THE BEST or the WORST rather than why it’s JUST OK, but now that there’s a video for the song, it’s renewed my love affair.  Turns out I wasn’t bullshitting when I said how good it was.

The clip finds the duo vamping and stunting on some karaoke vibes, and all sorts of making out from a series of young attractive people, which is a nice change of pace, because you never really get a chance to see that sort of thing in media anymore. Anyway, I’d be listening to it ten times in a row again this morning if there weren’t a bunch of painters working inside my apartment right now and I was little embarrassed for them to see my grinning and dancing at my desk.

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