Tavi Gevinson’s Guide to Life As Told by Her Reddit AMA


Tavi Gevinson’s Guide to Life As Told by Her Reddit AMA


This article originally appeared on Styleite.

Tiny legend Tavi Gevinson already gives so much to this world, what with perfecting resting bitchface and arguably changing the entire landscape of media as it relates to intelligent young females, but she’s not done yet. She’s also got an excellent Broadway play, This is Our Youth, and even more importantly, pizza advice.

This fresh-faced beacon of hope for future generations [but not of purity, see below] did a Reddit AMA today, and it’s worthy of printing out, laminating, and keeping as your Ultimate Guide to Life and How to Deal With Stuff. From her ideal pizza slice to her advice on how to deal with impostor syndrome, here are the chapters to bookmark:

Why your fashion don’ts are actually your fashion dos:
“I was such a grump/crank/angsty teen about what it meant to be ‘fashionable’ that everything I wore was like, decisively unflattering. Like, ‘Ooh, this resembles a Muppet soaked in salad dressing, how cool that I get to sport it on my bod!’ So even if I see an old photo of myself and know that I wouldn’t wear that now, I’m glad I gave myself permission at that time to go for it because it made me more confident and it was just really fun.”

Yohji Yamafuckingmoto disagrees.

The perfect pizza:
“Perfect pizza…just pepperoni.”

How to stop your role models and muses from swamping your own unique ideas:
You have to kill them. “Break them down, make them human.” Comparing yourself to people you could be only fuels self-doubt.

On writing:
“Writing is something I have concluded is not actually good for me but that a massive chunk of my brain is unsettled without. I’ve been writing every day, for the internet or for myself, since I was 12, so I feel adrift when I don’t do it, but doing it regularly makes me less ‘present’ (urgh) because it puts my brain in a constant mode of narration and reflection. Acting balances that out, especially onstage, because it requires being really in the moment, not self-conscious, not evaluating your own behavior as it happens.”

The best crappy movie to watch next time the world is attacking you:

How to deal with impostor syndrome:
“Impostor syndrome is the bane of my existence. I look to my role models and remember that nobody, no matter how “aw shucks” they seem in interviews, can get anything done without, well, ~believing in themselves~. I try to stay so inspired to get work done that there isn’t even time to be insecure about it, I just have to do it. (That means…watching movies, reading books, consuming, finding out what Rookie readers want to see on our site.) I also have playlists (mostly Kanye, also some Fiona Apple and Eve and Kelly Rowland and much more). Also mantras. Kate Nash told me to say to myself every morning: “I’m a badass bitch from hell and nobody can fuck with me.” Saying it out loud makes it more true than if you just told yourself it in your head. So I recommend that. You got this.”
On growing old:
“Sometimes it scares me, but I try to remember that there won’t be this ONE DAY when that transition takes place. It’s all gradual, one day at a time, etc. So I just try to take everything as it comes, work on stuff that is exciting to me, and eventually people will stop focusing on my age, and I actually really look forward to that.”

On video games:
“Every intermission [on This Is Our Youth] = Rainbow Road on Mario Kart.”

She would obviously be Toad.

And her dream Rookie interview subject?
“Oh shit. Um. Probably Beyoncé. Because her visual album left me with SO many questions, and she seems to have come into her own (even more so than before) lately in a really special way, and I think it would mean a lot to our readers.”