SXSW: Up Close and Personal With Rapper Danny Brown


SXSW: Up Close and Personal With Rapper Danny Brown


Detroit MC Danny Brown is turning heads in the hip-hop world, with his squawky voice, skinny jeans, and in-your-face delivery. He’s all over SXSW this week, commandeering stages with his trademark ferocity and weirdo rhymes. When he’s onstage, it’s impossible to look away. Our crack team of photographer and question-asker are in Texas, and managed to catch Brown in his natural element—a haze of marijuana smoke—to take snap pictures and ask him the tough questions.

What is the oldest possession that you are carrying with you?

Probably my wallet. I got it at Hot Topic. It’s a skinny jean wallet, so it wont slip out of your pants.

What is your most important piece of equipment?

My voice.

Describe the last sunset that you saw.

I was on Holy Ship, it was this electronic dance cruise and I don’t think I slept at all. I was outside on the deck smoking a blunt with some people and saw the sunrise. It was tight.

What is the first piece of visual art that comes to mind.

Hustler magazine.

Who was your hero at age 5?

Probably Mr. Bean.

What were your obsessions at age 17 and now?

At 17 was probably pussy. My obsession now is making great music, you know, making a great song, thats probably a better rush than busting a nut. Listening to that shit 5 times, going crazy, cant wait for people to hear it.