SXSW: Bosco Delrey Can’t Find Any All-Night Strip Clubs in Austin


SXSW: Bosco Delrey Can’t Find Any All-Night Strip Clubs in Austin


Bosco Delrey is a member of the Mad Decent family, but instead of the booming beats the Diplo-spearheaded label is known for, Delrey’s distorted, and twangy music is heavily influenced by early rock music. (Mad Decent calls it dance-grunge.) And as you’ll see in this brief interview from SXSW, the man loves him some guitar, Nazi propaganda, and all-night strip clubs.

What is the oldest possession that you are carrying with you?

Do I have that Russian bill still? No, I lost it. My ’60s French sunglasses that I bought like five pairs of, all the glass is real glass. I kept on breaking one pair after another. If there are any pictures of me from a few years ago, you can probably see me with chipped pieces of glass in my broken sunglasses. It was probably pretty dangerous. They are just the ones that fit like a glove.

What is your most important piece of equipment?

That would be my first electric guitar, a Wayne’s World edition Fender Squire. I lost all the stickers on it. They had ones that said “Schwing” and all the catch phrases. But it has the Wayne’s World plaque on the back, limited edition. It is the guitar I write all of my songs on. I never bring it on tour. I have played some shows with it. It’s not a very good guitar, but somehow it shoots out songs very quickly.

Describe the last sunrise that you saw.

That would be this morning. Last night we had a late show. We drove around Austin, looking for a 24-hour strip club, but there are none. There was only a 24-hour magazine shops, but we didn’t want to go in there. Last time we went into one of those was in Hamburg, and this stripper tried to lock us into a back room and an old man with a handle bar mustache was getting all creepy, so we have a little phobia of those peep shows now. So we got back around five in the morning, I woke up at six because my bass player Alex, she keeps in shape so she went out to the gym. I was so proud of her that I stayed up and watched the sunrise. I worked out in my mind.

What is the first piece of visual art that comes to mind?

From the Tate, on our last tour. There was a great exhibition of Nazi propaganda, one of Hitler smoking.

Who was your hero when you were 5?

Michael Jackson.

What were your obsessions at age 17 and what are they now?

Same things. Guitar playing and songwriting. Nothing changes for me. I think from age 3 I started playing guitar and messing around with music, and it has definitely gone from love obsession. I just do one thing, I’m a one trick pony.