Swedish Designer Alva Johansson Celebrates Female Form in ‘OMA’


Swedish Designer Alva Johansson Celebrates Female Form in ‘OMA’


27-year-old Swedish fashion student, Alva Johansson strives to create new shapes by focusing on the human form. Rather than using clothing to cover the body, Johansson’s designs speak to the relationship between body and fabric using what she describes as a “one pattern-piece construction,” where each piece is developed by twisting fabric around herself.

Her collection, OMA, celebrates sexuality and femininity with sultry shapes and an original fashion film. Featuring a soundtrack by Swedish DJ, Ishi Vu, the video reiterates Johansson’s understanding of the female form. Johansson’s forgone traditional lookbooks or runways and chosen film in order to “broaden the concept and function of how fashion is presented” by mixing mediums. She first debuted OMA with an accompanying installation as one of the participants in AMAZE Stockholm, a leading platform for up-and-coming Stockholm designers.

Experience OMA, below.

alvallta presents OMA from alva johansson on Vimeo.

Clothing/Creative Direction: Alva Johansson

Videography: Nicole Walker

Editing: Julia Ragnarsson & Alva Johansson

Models: Amanda Gerell & Jeanet Roerholt

Music: Ishi Vu