Suri Cruise Is Launching a Fashion Line Because Screw You


Suri Cruise Is Launching a Fashion Line Because Screw You

via ABC News

Suri Cruise, whose name you definitely recognize, and the details of whose life you’re probably more familiar with than all but your closest friends and family, is apparently launching a fashion line, as The Sun reports. It’s a £1.5million deal, their source says, which is, like, a lot of money, American-wise. $50 billion? Not sure how that whole thing works. Let’s take a closer look at this hot item:

The fashion-conscious schoolgirl, who regularly tops lists of most stylish celebrity child, will launch her first collection for young girls this autumn in a New York department store.

There are enough lists of the most stylish celebrity children published that she can be said to top them regularly.

A source said: “Suri is only seven but she is incredibly interested in clothes.

She’s also interested in poo poo jokes, you’d imagine, but we don’t see her launching her own line of toilets.

“She has been through a very difficult year and adapted amazingly to her new life in New York, including the upheaval of starting normal school.”

No she hasn’t.

“This is a nice hobby for her, it’s certainly not going to take over her life. Most girls dream of being able to make their own clothes, this just means her drawings will now become a reality.”

It probably won’t take over life, no, that’s a good point, especially since she will have literally nothing to do with it.

The initial idea was for Suri to have a fashion blog, but the concept was extended after she started to talk about special designs for her clothes.

How much worse could that have actually been than most fashion blogs, tbh.