November 6, 2012

If you’re like most other web-surfing liberals, you’re probably sitting on Twitter for the entirety of Election Day, whispering Nate Silver’s name as Zen koan and rubbing your OBAMA ’08 pin for talismanic good luck. (Not speaking personally, of course.) As Luke covered, there’s plenty of frivolous pop culture stuff to distract oneself with when you get tired of refreshing to see the HuffPost’s latest breathless proclamation.

But here is another thing to pass the time: A trailer for The Grandmasters, the newest film by living legend Wong Kar-wai (Chungking Express, In The Mood For Love) and one that appears to break from his usual production of muted love affairs between emotionally distant men and perfectly manicured women. Instead, this one looks to be a straight up kung-fu epic, starring familiars Tony Leung and Ziyi Zhang (who hooked up in 2004′s 2046) in some kind of ass-kicking capacity. The trailer hasn’t been dubbed or subbed, so I’m pretty much at a loss for what’s going on here. But that photography! Those actors, that director! That slo-mo footage of people getting punched! #1 art house date pick for the 2012 holiday season, absolutely.

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