Here’s a Superfluous Conversation With Skaters’ Frontman Michael Ian Cummings


Here’s a Superfluous Conversation With Skaters’ Frontman Michael Ian Cummings


Welcome to the inaugural installation of SUPERFLUOUS CONVERSATIONS, a weekly occurrence in which I document a conversation I have with someone intelligent, attractive, unpredictable or just generally spectacular.

The following conversation took place Saturday September 29th, 2012 at The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn at about 2:30AM. MICHAEL IAN CUMMINGS, front man of the band Skaters, had just opened for Har Mar Superstar and was unwinding with a beer backstage. Below we discuss some important issues, and some less important issues.

It’s fun to watch you guys perform. Girls love you.
Well that’s nice to hear.

I think you’re getting some attention this evening.
That’s good!

Are you partying now? Is there a goal in mind?
I dunno, I guess I already accomplished the goal, to play a good show. I guess that was the only goal.

And now just to watch Har Mar get naked.
But I see that all the time, you know?

I know, me too.
No no no, I mean because me and him sleep together.

You see him get naked privately.
It’s interesting to see it publically, I feel jealous a little bit.

All those prying eyes. Let’s do a plug.
Usually there’s like… a question or something.

Let’s just go for it.
Okay, we’re going to be on BBC 1 on Monday. The morning show. (Find the broadcast here)

What are we doing after the show?
Tonight? I dunno. I’m assuming we will drink more.

Are you single?

You’re the last remaining Skater.
No no no, Matt Hitt’s single. What do you think of Matt Hitt?

I think he’s a babe.
Ya he’s kind of a babe.

You’re a babe too. What’s your favorite animal?
I like elephants, because I like that they can swim even though they’re so humongous.

What are you drinking?
Whatever they give me.

It looks like a beer.
Ya. I’ve got one dollar in my pocket.

Really? Skaters are broke?

Where are we gonna get money from? We don’t even have a record out.

So when’s it coming out?
We haven’t recorded it yet. We only have the free EP on our website.

Young prodigies.
Just young I guess, as a band.

You were one of the first quintessentially “New York” people that I met when I moved here.
Am I?