January 11, 2013

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. That’s the lesson I’m learning from the video “Sheila” from New Jersey dreamhouse/bloopwave/chillbeat bro Memory Tapes. One of them anyway.

“The theme for our ‘Sheila’ video was ‘fractional suicide’” Dayve Hawk says.  “What happens if you jump off a building, only to have to do over and over again until you succeed?”

Making the process even creepier is the character’s group of friends watching her efforts unfold, again and again. That’s probably a metaphor for something you don’t want to think about too much if you’ve got any friends in trouble with substance abuse, by the way.

For real though, don’t kill yourself anyone, that is some dumb shit. Think about all the apples you won’t ever get to bite into again. Man, apples are good. Other things probably are good too. Music sometimes.

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