Suge Knight Shaking Down Vegas Casino


Suge Knight Shaking Down Vegas Casino


Suge Knight is still such a gangster. The founder of Death Row Records–the ’90s label of Tupac, Dre Dre, Snoop Dogg–has been accused of shaking down SLS Hotels honcho Sam Nazarian.

A routine Nevada Gaming Commission hearing found that Nazarian was a drug abuser paying off Compton gangsters, and denied him a license for his SLS Vegas casino. However, SLS is expected to retain the license under its board of directors. According to the LA Times:

Nazarian’s recent troubles began earlier this month when the Nevada Gaming Control Board prompted Nazarian to admit during public testimony to paying up to $3 million to former car customizer Derrick Armstrong, an ex-felon, and payments to a convicted racketeer and Death Row Records founder Marion “Suge” Knight.

Nazarian told the board that the payments were part of an extortion scheme, according to transcripts of the hearing.

Suge is having a very ’90s throwback of a year.

Earlier this year, he was shot six times at a MTV VMA party in Hollywood. He didn’t even fall down. This his him walking out of the club.




In fact, he told TMZ he didn’t even care who shot him:

There’s gonna be some times where you might get in a few bar fights; there’s gonna be some times where you might get a few shots. But if you’re able to survive those shots, you’re supposed to make yourself stronger and be more positive, more aggressive with the people you want to deal with. And that’s the page I’m really on.

Suge is aggressively (allegedly) shaking down casinos. Amazing. This guy and Diddy haven’t changed in 20 years. They’re both catching up on Meyer Lansky-status.