December 11, 2012

Well, we did it. After years of collective dreaming, there comes a musical release that lands perfectly on the line between irony and sincerity, with no one the wiser on how it’s supposed to be taken. Discontent to let a five-EP collection be the only way he celebrated Christmas, Sufjan Stevens has released Chopped and Scrooged, a mixtape that features rappers like Das Racist and Kitty Pryde, among many others, flowing over beats compiled from the original X-mas material. I mean, check the title and the cover and the improbability of geometrically square Sufjan earnestly curating this project, which is pretty listenable based off a cursory go but nevertheless strange; it would be even stranger if this was the final Das Racist song we heard in the wake of their breakup, but I imagine there’s time yet for something else to come out the pipeline. The Kitty Pryde song, by the way, is called “Implants & Yankee Candles.” Serious? Not serious? Who knows or cares? Eagerly awaiting the Hannukah and Kwanza-themed followups.

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