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Stop the Internet: Some Critic Didn’t Like ‘The Dark Knight Rises’!

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Stop the Internet: Some Critic Didn’t Like ‘The Dark Knight Rises’!


The reviews for The Dark Knight Rises are coming in today, and an overwhelming majority of critics are, once again, lavishing praise upon Christopher Nolan’s gritty, realistic superhero tale.

“Nolan is a dead-serious artist with a world view many shades darker than the knight of the title,” says Time‘s Richard Corliss. “The Avengers is kid stuff compared with this meditation on mortal loss and heroic frailty. For once a melodrama with pulp origins convinces viewers that it can be the modern equivalent to Greek myths or a Jonathan Swift satire.”

“Big-time Hollywood filmmaking at its most massively accomplished,” says the Hollywood Reporter‘s Todd McCarthy.

Variety‘s Justin Chang is smitten as well, saying “this hugely ambitious action-drama nonetheless retains the moral urgency and serious-minded pulp instincts that have made the Warners franchise a beacon of integrity in an increasingly comicbook-driven Hollywood universe

The film is being so highly praised, in fact, that’s it’s generated a perfect 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, or, ok, it would have if not for one brave truth-sayer, a Mr. Marshall Fine, from something called Hollywood and Fine, which you’ve probably never heard of until now. That’s precisely the point of the review, a cynic might say.

“At times, the action is so massive and thunderously clunky that I might as well have been watching one of the Transformers movies,” he writes. And that’s all we can quote at the moment, because the site seems to be down, likely from all the reactionary fans flocking to it to see just who the one spoil-sport is and overwhelming its servers.

Well trolled, good sir. There’s a reason why most of the reviews aggregated at Rotten Tomatoes all have between 2 and 12 comments and yours has 682 in one day. Naturally, fanboys aren’t taking the slight lying down, some of whose comments have been rather thematically appropriate:

“Some men just want to watch the world burn,” one wrote.


Clearly this man is a philistine, and must therefore be pilloried for this unthinkable breach of etiquette right? Or it could be, as another commenter writes, rather soberly, which is rare enough indeed:

“Because a 100% rating means something? I never understood that idea. Who cares about the rating. Is 96% rating going to keep you from seeing a movie you already want to see? And God forbid someone who saw the movie has a different opinion on it than someone that hasn’t seen the movie yet. Time to get over it. You’re going to see it no matter what, anyway.”


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