January 25, 2013

The lineup for the 2013 annual reunion-tour cash-grab/desert-based inconvenience-fest was finally announced today, and as usual it’s a mix of titillating dad-rock fantasies, fading buzz cycles, and pupa-like hype transformations in the making. Mostly it just looks like a killer lineup from Glastonbury in the 90s. Unsurprisingly, the news that the Manchester greats The Stones Roses and erstwhile Brit Pop heroes Blur are headlining has many teenagers, idiots, and teenage idiots confused. Even less surprisingly, there’s a Tumblr dedicated to documenting said confusion. I guess there are probably some other surprises in there, but I didn’t look at who else was playing beyond the first two lines or so because my old eyes can’t read type that small.

Who are the Stone Roses tho? Good question. Here’s who they are. Now go get your fucking shinebox.


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