Stephen Fry Makes Homophobic Russian Official Look Stupid in New ‘Out There’ Interview


Stephen Fry Makes Homophobic Russian Official Look Stupid in New ‘Out There’ Interview


Stephen Fry’s series  Out There continues with an interview with Vitaly Milonov, a man who, as Gawker writes, is “commonly credited as the writer of the anti-‘gay propaganda’ law that’s played a major role in Russia’s current wave of gay oppression.”

As is typically the case when a religious cretin finds himself confronted by a sensitive, thinking, rational human being, the bigot doesn’t come out looking well.

What’s now illegal? Fry asks. Making “a controlled public statement forming the incorrect impression about social equality about…same sex and traditional families. We also can’t speak about some historical figures,” Milonov explains.

What about great Russian composer Tchaikovsky? Can his sexuality not be referenced in discussing his legacy?

“It’s a crime to tell kids only this way of living made him so talented.”

“Nobody would say that,” Fry counters. “What they might say…you’re 15 16 years old, you’re being bullied, but don’t worry , there were some great men, who achieved great things, that had the same sexuality as you.”

It gets worse. The problem is, says Milonov, that they don’t want homosexuals invading kindergartens and forcing kids to identify as gay.

Fry, rightfully, puts him in his place.

“They don’t invade kindergarten and tell children to have their sexuality identity. That’s absolute nonsense. You’re inventing a ridiculous enemy to get support so that ignorant people will imagine theres this terrible threat to children. The real threat to children is, as it always was, ignorance, lies. Because they will grow up to find out they’ve been lied to and they won’t thank you for it.

Those problems are imagined. “Gay people, most of them are lying about their problems. They would like to be favored…”

Just like what the stupid people here in America say! We aren’t so different after all, our two countries.