Stacey Dash Defends Her Controversial Romney Endorsement on CNN, Reminds World She Exists


Stacey Dash Defends Her Controversial Romney Endorsement on CNN, Reminds World She Exists


For anyone wondering how this particular presidential election might’ve played out had it taken place in the nineties, the past couple weeks have given us a little insight. First came Eddie Vedder, who took umbrage with Mitt Romney’s infamous 47% remarks, saying at an Obama fundraiser, that if it weren’t for assistance from a government training program when he was down on his luck, he never would’ve made it to where he is. “It was that job that allowed me to also afford the guitars and tape recorder and microphones I needed to let me afford keep working on music,” he said. “It was also the job I reluctantly left to move up to Seattle for less pay, in order to join a band. It all worked out.” Did it though? If not for Pearl Jam we might never had to suffer through Creed and that whole misguided cut off shorts and ponytail combo thing we had going for a few years there, but OK, fair enough.

Of course Vedder would say that, being an out of touch liberal Hollywood elite. They’re all Obama supporters, because they don’t know the value of hard work like you and me. All of them except for another icon of the 90s, Clueless star Stacey Dash, who came under fire this week for tweeting her support of Romney. She appeared on Piers Morgan Tonight last night to talk about how surprised she was at the negative reaction to her endorsement. Many of the responses revolved around the 46 year old actress’ (That can’t be right. Shit. :/) race and gender ABC writes.

“The fury, I really don’t understand the fury,” she told Morgan Tuesday night. “I don’t understand it. I don’t get it…I was shocked, saddened. Not angry. Saddened and really shocked. But you know what, you can’t expect everyone to agree with you.”

Dash, who admitted she voted for Barack Obama in 2008, told Morgan she believed in Romney.

“I believe him…I watched him, the Governor and his wife, on ‘Meet The Press.’…They spoke to me, they seemed authentic and genuine.”

One negative tweet directed at Dash read, “You’re an unemployed black woman endorsing @MittRomney. You’re voting against yourself thrice. You poor beautiful idiot,” one user tweeted.

Not cool, bro who tweeted that. I mean, it’s true, but it’s still not cool.

Watch the video here, and check out this amazing list of other “celebrity” Romney supporters while you’re at it.

“We’re all entitled to our opinion, and I used my platform to exercise my First Amendment right to say who I am voting for as an American citizen,” she said, not pointing out the secret, lesser-known provision of the First Amendment that says no one can criticize you for expressing your opinion once you’ve made it known.

Whoever she votes for, or whoever you vote for is really none of my business. This whole thing of attacking her based on her race is just intolerable though. Personally, I’m just looking forward to a day when we can set aside issues of gender and race in politics, and judge people on what really matters: how fucking stupid they are.