February 6, 2013

“Just fucking around” is how Edwin White describes the impulse to start Tonstartssbandht (pronounced “tone-starts-band-hut”) with his younger brother Andy (photos of whom are being held by Edwin here). After outgrowing their sibling rivalry, the Orlando natives joined forces in 2007 and found that shared DNA meant shared sonic sensibilities. “It was like something had simmered between us for years, and it was finally there,” says Edwin. Eventually, the brothers found themselves in Montreal, where Andy was a student (Edwin had already graduated from New York University), and sharpened their brand of experimental noise-pop on that city’s notorious loft-party circuit. Propelled by the single “Black Country,” a murky, mysteriously addictive shredder, the brothers drew a fan base and the attention of Arbutus Records, which released their 2011 LP, Now I Am Become. Don’t let the album’s title fool you. Tonstartssbandht is still evolving, continuously becoming something new. “We’ve become really obsessed with boogie rock and applying that to psychedelic jamming,” says Edwin of their new direction. “We try to bend what’s expected and really explore that nether space.” —BEN BARNA

To Russia with Love: “Russia is the new thing, and all these kids there are obsessed with us. We can’t book shows in plenty of cities in Western Europe, but the Russian kids will fly us and pay out of their own pocket to do a DIY thing. It’s crazy.”

Photography by James Orlando

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