February 19, 2013

From the moment Daniel and Andrew Aged picked up guitars in their early teens, they were consumed by their craft. That obsession led the Bay Area natives to Los Angeles, where they detoured from the clichéd pursuit of stardom toward a more nuanced gateway into the music industry. “We always dreamed of being involved with great albums,” says Andrew. “We just wanted to be specialists.” The soft-spoken brothers (who are separated by just 14 months) are cryptic about how they accessed the industry’s inner sanctum—they’ve played and recorded with legends like Elton John, Beck, and 50 Cent—but the experience readied them for what would become Inc. “We had the feeling that we wanted to do something on our own, but it took us a little bit to figure out what that would become,” says Daniel. What it became was no world (released today), their debut album filled with meticulous production (courtesy of Daniel), a frosty falsetto (that would be Andrew), and songs that borrow from R&B, funk, jazz, and soul. “Music is an open place where we can say things that we’re feeling,” says Andrew. “It’s a place where we feel at home.”

High Contrast: “The comparisons we get to Prince don’t bother us,” says Daniel. “To me, Prince sounds like Joni Mitchell.”

Photography by James Orlando

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