January 28, 2013

It hasn’t been long since Dominic Lord (formerly A$AP Dom), the Harlem-based ex-A$AP member, made his break from Rocky’s crew and started calling his own shots. His first EP, Fashion Show, is a mix of the rapper’s two great obsessions: fashion and music. “They have a connection,” says the 19-year-old Harlem native. “If you got some dusty-ass clothes on and you hear your favorite song, how you gonna move?” With the release of his visually stunning video for the Fashion Show single “Pierce,” it’s becoming clear that neither the fashion nor music worlds will know  what hit them.

When did you start thinking about fashion?
That’s what I was always into. It was more like shit first, like just dope cool. And then it got higher, you know, it gets crazier so then you start doing other shit, just taking it a different way, but that’s what I was always into, fashion. But not necessarily fashion though, it’s like designing shit, creating shit.

What is the relationship between fashion and music in your eyes?
If you don’t see that, then I don’t understand it. Because you get dressed every day, you listen to music every day. It’s the daily relation you know. I think anything you do every day has a relation. People spend so much time on categorizing shit it’s retarded.

Does what you eat define you?
You eat every day! In the hood they might say like yo, I’m gonna eat this nigger up, like, I mean you cut niggers. You know what I’m saying? You’re eating food! It may sound crazy and farfetched, but it’s like what you do every day. You live today. The energy that you put in to categorize some shit, I’m actually living some shit. Diddy lives that way. You think Diddy takes Viagra? No homo. I don’t think so, yo.

Do you think it’s better to aspire to be a brand rather than just a person who makes music?
I think you should be a person and then you should brand yourself.

What’s been your most surreal moment, drug or non-drug related?
You think I do drugs? My Most surreal moment was when I went to go see The Avengers a few months ago. I went with my fucking cousin. We got two drinks right, I’m looking at The Avengers, right. Why the fuck was Samuel Jackson in it? That was surreal to me. Because I’m already thinking it was supposed to be like super excited, action action action, then I see Samuel l Jackson, like bro, you should just play enforcers, like really play an action role. Who the fuck is in control of that budget? Why are you scouting Samuel L. Jackson for Avengers?

Because he’s in everything.
Ok but the movie could have made so much more fucking money. When I looked at that shit I was like oh fuck no, they just fucking blown one hundred mill right there, that’s crazy, one facial shot, done, twenty mill, bang.

If you made a movie what would it be like?
If I made a movie it would probably be a porn because that shit makes money. I might make a movie about my life, about how I used to sell drugs, how I got five baby mamas but I don’t got them no more, and how I have a stage age—I’m not really this age. This shit goes deep, yo.

Photography by Charlie Engman

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