Speeding BULLETTs: Brashy Studios is the ’90s-Style Streetwear Brand Taking Over L.A.


Speeding BULLETTs: Brashy Studios is the ’90s-Style Streetwear Brand Taking Over L.A.

Jumpsuit: Brashy Studios, Harness: Adazandition Couture
Coat: Brashy Studios, Gloves: Stylist's Own
Coat: Brashy Studios, Stockings: Dead Lotus, Gloves & Shoes: Stylist's Own
Jumpsuit: Brashy Studios, Harness: Adazandition Couture
Track Suit & Clear Jacket: Brashy Studios, Sunglasses: Onkler
Coat: Brashy Studios, Gloves: Stylist's Own
Full Look: Brashy Studios
Pants: Brashy Studios, Earrings: House of Emmanuele, Sunglasses: Onkler, Shoes: Dr. Martens
Track Suit & Clear Jacket: Brashy Studios, Sunglasses: Onkler, Shoes: Doc Martens
Full Look: Brashy Studios
Top & Pants: Brashy Studios
Hoodie: Brashy Studios
Jumpsuit: Brashy Studios, Harness: Adazandition Couture, Shoes: Dr. Martens

Photography: Chase Zalewski

Creative Direction: Alexandra Weiss

Styling: Chloe & Chenelle Delgadillo

Hair: Eddie Cook

Makeup: Sara Tagaloa

Model: Bianca Gomez (Photogenics LA)

We’re all pretty sick of the ’90s at this point—from runway trends to shitty sitcom revivals, everything that was popular in 1994 has come back in 2017, except worse. And that’s because most things you liked as a teenager, by the time you’re almost 30, actually suck. Of course, there are a few exceptions to the rule: The Olsen Twins, Nirvana and Brashy Studios—though the latter wasn’t born in the ’90s, nor is it a slimy knockoff. Instead, the Los Angeles brand takes all of our favorite elements from the era (oversized hoodies, crop tops, rave gear and patent leather), and reinterprets them for a post-apocalyptic future. Inspired by the past, but never stuck in it, Stockholm-born brothers, Jacob and Axel Hägg, combine subculture aesthetics with everything they find on the darkest corners of the web, creating retro-futuristic streetwear that’s both dissident and paranoid. It’s that marriage of pre-internet styles with a technology-based edge (not to mention it’s decidedly Trumpian cynicism) that makes Brashy Studios super ’90s, but distinctly now—oh, and really cool.

BULLETT caught up with Jacob to talk about his process, the philosophy behind the brand, and Paris Hilton. Read our interview and view the exclusive editorial, above.

Describe Brashy Studios in three words.

Business and Pleasure

What inspires your designs?

Fringe aspects of our culture, contrasts and dichotomies, past and present futurism, anything rejected, forgotten or overlooked.

What’s on your moodboard right now?

A picture of me on a bike with a cowboy hat—you’ll see more of that in the next collection.

How’d the brand get started?

It started as a side project while my brother and I were bored back home in Stockholm.

How has it evolved since then?

Our aesthetic has a more refined and cohesive voice today.

Are there any designers that have really influenced your style?

Tom Sachs, Le Corbusier and Paris Hilton.

What’s the Brashy Studios ethos?


Who do you see as the Brashy Studios man or woman?

Anyone that appreciates our aesthetics, ‘man’ or ‘woman.’

There’s definitely a ‘90s rave vibe to your designers. Where does that come from?

We thrive in taking anything that’s not visually compelling from the past and reinterpreting it in our own way. Everything we do now is a reference to something that influenced us before that we thought was worth ‘bringing back.’

What’s your design process like? How do your ideas turn into actual pieces?

Ideas from our mind and the internet turn into napkin sketches. Then we experiment and edit until there’s a final sample.

What’s next? Where does Brashy Studios go from here?

We’ll be expanding our ‘menswear’ offerings. While we rarely make stark distinctions between the two, there are significant issues to consider in regards to fit.

What do you want people to take away from your designs?

Assert yourself.