December 19, 2012

Remember that video that went quickly viral last night of an eagle snatching a baby off the ground? Or something like that, I didn’t watch it, because I could’ve told you that shit was phonier than Japanese sunset just by looking at the headline. The rest of the world, well, they aren’t as internet-savvy as you and I, are they?

Much like everything else that’s good in the world, love, pride in what you do, your dreams for the future, this one is probably going to be taken away from you too, as the debunking has begun. NPR has a round up of the skeptics here as does Gawker here including questionable CGI stuff that’s probably too nerdy to get into, and the fact that it’s the uploader’s only video. No one seems to be bringing up the most obvious point here, however, in that in the video you can hear a Canadian expressing mild excitement through profanity. Now that’s hard to believe.

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