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Sony-gate: Amy Pascal and Scott Rudin’s Racist Emails About OBAMA?!

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Sony-gate: Amy Pascal and Scott Rudin’s Racist Emails About OBAMA?!


The Sony leak scandal continues. And we know Kim Jong Un is having a lol. The latest: Sony Pictures chief Amy Pascal and uber-producer Scott Rudin held forth on what movies Obama might like and were incredibly racist.

Everyone knew cops were racist before this summer, but did we know that the head of Sony Pictures and one of Hollywood’s major producers were too? Considering how few black or people of color star in movies, we probably could have guessed. Yet the most recent leak of professional–not personal–emails are so offensive there should be a #BoycottSonyScottRudin movement.

Jeffrey Katezenberg, head of Dreamworks Pictures, was hosting a fundraiser for Brarack Obama, the President of the United States. Rather than being honored to be invited to meet the most powerful man on Earth and the leader of their country, these assholes went all racist.

Pascal needs to resign and, along with Rudin, should be banned by the Motion Picture Association of America. Former Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd is head of the MPAA, and he should take action.

Page Six reports:

“What should I ask the president at this stupid Jeffrey breakfast,” Pascal huffs in an e-mail to Rudin.

“Should I ask him if he liked DJANGO?” she adds, not-so-randomly referencing Quentin Tarrantino’s brutal, 2012 movie about slavery and revenge.

Rudin is more than game, piping in, “12 YEARS,” a reference to the powerful, Academy Award-winning historical drama “12 Years A Slave” from 2013.

“Or the butler. Or think like a man,” Pascal chimes in. “The Butler,” from 2013, depicts an African-American butler in the White House, and “Think Like A Man” is a 2012 romantic comedy about four African-American couples.

Rudin has one last suggestion for the commander-in-chief’s favorite flicks list.

“Ride-along. I bet he likes Kevin Hart,” he answers. “Ride Along” was a 2014 action comedy starring Hart and the rapper-actor Ice Cube.