January 18, 2013

Last night in London, Solange and Oliver Sim out of the XX—the two acts responsible for the most, recent, pantsless “hold on let me just go put this song on right quick” make-out time-outs, collaborated on a cover of Nicole Wray’s “Make It Hot”, the ’90s R&B hit (featuring Missy Elliott). There wasn’t a dry boner in the room by the time they were done, I can tell you that. I wasn’t there, I suppose, so no real way of verifying that boner-situation I just mentioned, but it’s a pretty safe bet. As for the song choice, Solange seemed mad a couple weeks ago about people not paying enough attention to r&b deep cuts of the ’90s. We shall now prepare for her to teach us all a lesson at every show from now on. If it sounds this sexy we won’t even mind learning.

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