Smart Reads: Schjeldahl, Warhol, Polanski in Furs


Smart Reads: Schjeldahl, Warhol, Polanski in Furs


Today in culture: Schjeldahl talks Warhol, Sherlock goes classic, Polanski takes on von Sacher-Masoch.

-Sophia Loren turned 78 yesterday. Sha-wing!

Peter Schjeldahl reviews the new Met exhibit “Regarding Warhol: Sixty Artists, Fifty Years”: ‘Warhol was so clairvoyant an artist that he scarcely needed to be a great one, but he was that, too.’

-Gertrude Stein rips her interviewer a new asshole in a 1934 radio interview.

-Finally, someone’s gone and done a piece on the films of Norman Mailer.

-Finally, someone’s gone and made Penguin Classic covers out of episodes from the BBC’s “Sherlock”.

-It’s been a great year for The Rescuers, Margery Sharp’s classic 1959 children’s book.

-They’re judging you: book clerks tell us what they love and hate to see customers buying.

-Finally, Roman Polanski is adapting Venus in Furs! He’s also referring to it as a ‘comedy’.

“Giallo Fever” opened yesterday at Anthology Film Archives and is playing through next Sunday. Go catch some pulpy Italian-directed films this weekend!

-What is Zola Books? Possibly your new favorite imprint: “It seems that Zola, in its social aspects and with the professional book reviews it will be sourcing from newspapers and blogs, is striving to build a walled garden on the internet, much like Facebook or, to a lesser extent, Tumblr: an internet ecosystem fully parallel to store and publishers’ existing sites, and, if [Zola CEO Joe] Regal is successful, a platform they won’t be able to afford to ignore.”