Smart Reads: Pharrell Williams, Vertigo, and Double Entendre


Smart Reads: Pharrell Williams, Vertigo, and Double Entendre


Today in culture: Pharrell Williams keeps being prodigious, Sight and Sound locks down the best films of all time, and E.L. James singlehandedly skewers Harry Potter sales.



-Why Pharrell Williams is still a force to be reckoned with. He’s also wearing the flyest socks we’ve ever seen.

-The adorable feud of Gore Vidal and William F. Buckley.

-When authors are painters…it’s sometimes a good thing.

-The inevitable has happened: E.L. James has dethroned J.K. Rowling by having greater sales in the UK. We’re not yet sure what this means for Rowling’s work and legacy. We only know that when you play the game of thrones, you win or you die.

-The glamorous lifestyle of the freelance journalist. Plus, the most adorable picture of James Gandolfini that you’re likely to see all day.

-For some reason, the higher powers have decided that Azealia Banks needs a fashion line. It might be schizophrenic.

-The brainwashing of a 6-year-old is supposed to be cute. You decide.

-According to the once-a-decade Sight and Sound poll, Vertigo has displaced Citizen Kane as the best film of all time…if anyone even slightly cares.

-…but Kristin Thompson thinks it should have been How Green Was My Valley. I smell a showdown.

Chris Marker’s own thoughts on Vertigo:  “Double entendre? All the gestures, looks, phrases in Vertigo have a double meaning. Everybody knows that it is probably the only film where a ‘double’ vision is not only advisable but indispensable for rereading the first part of the film in the light of the second.”

-David Cairns takes Marc Webb to task for laziness on The Amazing Spiderman. However, he also confesses to having liked 500 Days of Summer, which is highly disconcerting. Another perfect instance of having to take the good with the bad.