Smart Reads: Paperbacks, ‘Futility’, and ‘Pierrot le Fou’


Smart Reads: Paperbacks, ‘Futility’, and ‘Pierrot le Fou’


Today in culture: Edith Wharton speaks from beyond the grave, the shooting schedule for Pierrot le Fou comes to light, and Fall previews continue.

Carly Rae Jepsen is in the New York Times. Civilization is doomed.

-Edith Wharton writes the introduction to William Gerhardie’s Futility, out next month from Melville House.

-See the Beatles looking rough and hairy in their last ever photo shoot, August 22nd, 1969.

The paperback (r)evolution: “On June 19, 1939, the tall, dynamic entrepreneur took out a bold, full-page ad in The New York Times: OUT TODAY—THE NEW POCKET BOOKS THAT MAY TRANSFORM NEW YORK’S READING HABITS.”

Gary Wills takes on Romney’s tax-related smoke and mirrors: “Even if it turns out that Romney has corrupted the political process to win the presidency, we will probably be too dumb to know how to impeach him for it.”

Pierrot le Fou on paper.

-The dark humor of ’60s films…

-…and why we can’t get enough of the apocalyptic in art.

-Wes Anderson loves Criterion, and makes some distinguished choices for his top 10 list. On Roberto Rossellini’s The Taking of Power by Louis XIV: “The man who plays Louis cannot give a convincing line reading, even to the ears of someone who can’t speak French—and yet he is fascinating.”

30 Fall films of interest (as if you didn’t know).