Smart Reads: Obama’s America, Chris Christie, and Tilda Swinton


Smart Reads: Obama’s America, Chris Christie, and Tilda Swinton


Today in culture: a new Obama “documentary” is discussed, Chris Christie’s convention speech is dissected, and James Bond’s eating habits are expounded upon.

-Love him or hate him, it’s still an obsession: on Dinesh D’Souza’s prop-doc 2016: Obama’s America

-Nation of masochists: Chris Christie seems to think that America is engaged in a tug of war between love and respect.

All We Know, Lisa Cohen’s interwoven biography of three ‘forgotten women’, has been making waves for awhile now, but this Heather Love review is one of the best we’ve read.

-On making sentences work for you.

-“Bond disliked white eggs and, faddish as he was in many small things, it amused him to maintain that there was such a thing as a perfect boiled egg”: Why it’s a grave mistake to underestimate the importance of food and drink detail in the Bond novels.

-Mira Nair’s new film, The Reluctant Fundamentalist, is found “flabby” in parts.

Hung in Time from London Consortium TV on Vimeo.

-Happy-making clip of the day: Watch Tilda Swinton get illustrated by John Berger. Words by Victor Serge.

-Weird-seeming clip of the day: “Using Super-8 home-movie footage, faux Super-8 reconstructions, interviews with siblings and, crucially, a memoir written by Michael, Polley has created a portrait of a marriage that is full of enormous richness, tenderness and emotional complexity.” Stories We Tell, Sarah Polley’s third film and first documentary, might actually be good.

-See ridiculous photos of Steve Jobs’ hair! And Steve Jobs! In 1984!