July 10, 2012

Today in culture: the Pulitzer prize-winning author Michael Cunningham conjectures about this past year’s award debacle, Orwell’s diaries are discussed, and Will Eisner (of Disney fame) shows you the proper way to shoot a rifle. You were just waiting for him to weigh in, weren’t you?

-For those of you who’ve alway wondered what it might be like to be a bird.



-Mississippi’s only abortion clinic continues to fight the good fight.

-Should anyone care about a New York Times write-up?

-Michael Cunningham puts in his two cents about what caused this year’s Pulitzer fail.

-Orwell’s diaries, introduced by Hitch.

-How Brooklyn gots its groove.

-Will Eisner’s guide to rifling.

-A cute-as-hell Buster Keaton tribute video.

-Anderson, She Wrote?

-Cult classics: ancient tapestries.

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