June 5, 2012

With so much trivial and mind-numbing fare dominating the web, sometimes a good long read is hard to find. Thankfully, we’re here to steer you in the direction of higher thinking with a selection of thoughtful and well-written pieces that promise to devour at least eight minutes of your endless work day.

Today’s highlights:

-The Atlantic‘s James Fallows on Google searches that alarm the government.

-A Tom Waits-narrated video about concept artist John Baldessari. Just a little too adorable, if you ask us.

-Adrian Curry breaks down the poster art for Kaneto Shindo’s Children of Hiroshima.

-Webisodes to watch this summer, plus the much anticipated second season of Issa Rae’s Awkward Black Girl.

-A new Believer is out, and with it, an essay by Sloane Crosley about her star turn on Gossip Girl. Also, the new Jean Phillipe Toussaint, reviewed.

-Dissatisfied with your instant queue? The Netflix streaming breakdown at HTML Giant.

-A new Dave Eggers is coming, and it looks like this.

-Thompson on Anderson.

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