Smart Reads: Goldfish, Nipples, and Salvador Dali


Smart Reads: Goldfish, Nipples, and Salvador Dali


Today in culture: Nipplegate at the New Yorker, Salvador Dali’s bathing suits, and goldfish art collectives.

-Happy-making clip of the day: Salvador Dali designed “nightmare swimware” for ladies in 1965. If only the background music were downloadable.

-Dali also illustrated Alice in Wonderland back in the day.

-Fred Armisen is…Penny Marshall.

-From David Byrne’s How Music Works, just out this week: “Presuming that there is such a thing as ‘progress’ when it comes to music, and that music is ‘better’ now than it used to be, is typical of the high self-regard of those who live in the present. It is a myth. Creativity doesn’t ‘improve.” Right on, David.

-Falling under ‘annals of the inevitable’: There is now a David Foster Wallace Endnote Generator. Go to town.

-Did you know about the Kingyobu art collective? Well you do now. They set up guerilla goldfish aquariums all over Osaka. Can we have a New York branch, please?

Nipplegate–the New Yorker cartoon department’s ongoing struggle against Facebook prudery–continues, and it is a worthy struggle.

-Are gender trend pieces turning everyone into ridiculous over-theorizing Malcolm Gladwell types? You decide.

Kent Jones talks to Richard Peña: “The Eighties were a down time for all kinds of reasons. There was a sense that that great generation of art cinema was over. Fassbinder died, Truffaut died, many others were either infirm or not working anymore; and there was also kind of a triumphalist feeling that the mainstream film industry had won, that these artists had not been able to fundamentally change cinema, that in fact Hollywood had come back stronger than ever, thanks to home video. So the question was: “Can we restart art cinema?””